Write Right Critique Group: Lubbock TX

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Critique Meeting every Tuesday.

Location: Maxey Park, Lubbock TX 

Time: Tuesday, 6:30-8:00pm (806)767-3796

Afterglow at Market Street at 19th & Quaker from 8:00 PM - ?? 

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Welcome to one of our older sites. The Write Right Critique Group has been in existence for over 25 years--in one form or another.  We are a small writing critique group based out of Lubbock, TX. The members of WRCG are a diverse association of professional and aspiring authors who come together to share and learn about the craft. We welcome those interested in improving skills and opening imaginations.

Are you an author looking for support? Honest evaluation? A place to share your passion for the written word? Give our group a try!

Our critique group meets from 6:30PM to 8:00PM each Tuesday at:

Maxey Community Center
4020 30th Street
Lubbock, TX 79410
Community Center Phone#: (806)767-3796

Every Tuesday, we meet in a critique session, where we share manuscripts for comment and  critique of up to 10 pages of double spaced material. Workshops are available when offered or requested. They  can include anything from computer troubleshooting/techniques to grammatical fine tuning.

Writers of all genres are welcome! Feel free to bring in your short stories, novels, and nonfiction. Also, you don't have to have something to critique to come on in and enjoy the benefits of the WRCG.

We will not ask for dues or press you for any long term commitments. Any occasional contributions used to pay guest speaker expenses are seldom requested and entirely voluntary.

Please feel free to contact us, or drop by on Tuesdays. Maxey Community Center will know if we do not intend to meet on occasion.

Our new dot com address, LubbockWRCG.com  includes much more information about our published authors and activities.  

Updated: 5-22-2018